Postmaster's Column

USPS Postmaster General Message

Postmaster General (PMG) Pat Donahoe issued a letter and video on 10/28/2011 to assure mailers that the Postal Service is not going out of business or be privatized. The Postal Service plays a vital role in America’s economy and society. This past year USPS delivered 167.6 billion pieces of mail and sustains a $1 trillion mailing industry that employs 8 million people.
This communication will bring you the up-to-date steps the Postal Service is taking on the legislative, network optimization and wages and benefits fronts to ensure the financial health of USPS now and in years to come.  This is a very important message that we wanted to share with you.  Please click to view the video and letter.  Also, the video can be downloaded for your convenience.
Thank you for your business.